Transition from VISIO TRUCK and VISIO ARC to TX-VISIO WEB with data migration

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Transition from VISIO TRUCK and VISIO ARC to TX-VISIO WEB with data migration

Our VISIO TRUCK and VISIO ARC applications have been supporting our customers since 1997 and 2006 respectively. Today, it’s time for innovation: TX-VISIO WEB – our new solution for archiving and payroll management in a hosting formula.
We support our VISIO TRUCK and VISIO ARC users who want to benefit from the latest technology by taking the step to online services (WEB).

TX-VISIO WEB was born in 2012 …

The software platform has already proven its worth! Check the list of customers who are already using TX-VISIO WEB.

TX-VISIO WEB offers the same features as VISIO TRUCK and VISIO ARC, and much more besides:

TX-VISIO WEB integrates the features of the VISIO TRUCK archiving solution and the VISIO ARC solution for payroll management into one, single application.
What are the other benefits?

  • A modern and ergonomic interface
  • The comfort typical of Web services

Software security

Your data are stored on a secure server instead of a local PC.

Easy IT

We take care of the software installation and upgrades.

 Data sharing

Your employees can easily connect to the software from their workstation by simply entering their user name and password.


Investments in hard- and software are a thing of the past, as TX-VISIO WEB comes in a subscription model. Just choose the model that fits the size of your fleet and start enjoying all the benefits of TX-VISIO WEB.

Open platform, allowing easy integration into other technologies

Moreover, TX-VISIO WEB allows you to use new technologies for the back office and the trucks to communicate:

  • GSM/GPRS : for remote data collection
  • GPS : you can pinpoint the location of your vehicles and check your drivers’ activities in real time