Geolocalised follow-up and remote download

Connected to your vehicle’s tachograph and featuring GPS and GPRS technology, the TX-GO is an on-board computer without display that seamlessly connects the road with the back office.

Ordinateur de bord


By integrating GPS technology, the TX-GO on-board computer enables real-time fleet follow-up, through data communications via the GSM/GPRS network.

Immediate data

As the in-vehicle TX-GO box features a real-time follow-up system, you perfectly know where your vehicles are, at any moment, and you can collect the social security data in real time.


The strength of TX-GO is its integration with the TX-CONNECT back office platform, which collects all the data of the on-board computer and offers a wide range of extra features.

Geolocation costs

As each activity is linked to a geographical position, the software can immediately calculate the geolocation costs.